Innovations drive on the progress. However today we are living in total marketing age. Today a standard marketing instrument is over engineering → over pricing meaning that overloaded engineering solutions generate turnover increase resulting in complex, unfriendly and possibly unreliable products for end-users who are actually paying for arising difficulties, questionable advantages and unnecessary options.

We select innovations with caution implementing only those carrying real advantages or at least new features that altogether override adverse effects.

Being for many years directly involved into setting of AO standards in Russia we do not reject fundamental principles of the AO  “golden age”. Those classical principles are the basement for professional consciousness of trauma surgeon and his daily work. We strongly disagree with a wide-spreading opinion that AO principle of interfragmentary compression and primary bone healing lost its significance. We think that classical AO approach is still mostly adequate for the majority of clinical cases. Angular stability fixation is not the only method of plating internal fixation and should not be used in all cases. It’s important to distinguish angular stability fixation (as a method) from a fixator able to provide such angular stability. Many types of fixators are designed to provide surgeons with a possibility to apply both principles in practice. We stand for a differentiated approach to choice of osteosynthesis method and fixator type depending on fracture type with the same localization, patient’s age and other factors. 

Taking into consideration interests of hospital economics along with innovative systems in internal fixation such as Fusion we offer generic solutions of highest quality meaning AO classics.

In contrast to internal fixation assessment of joint replacement results needs decades of years to determine survival period of an artificial joint. In this aspect our portfolio is absolutely conservative – we offer only proven solutions of “great European millions series”: cementless systems of ZWEYMULLER and SPOTORNO type and of course cemented systems MULLER type.

Denial of cemented fixation in our opinion is not justified while results of multicentre studies as well as all national registers confirm better outcomes of cemented joint replacement in patients of elderly and senile age. Even in case of good primary bony integration of cementless stem, porotic bone would not be able to withstand metal in middle/long-term perspective.

It’s a common fact that contact surface bone/implant is several times less that bone/cement mantle. The absolute majority of manufacturers have in their product portfolios cemented prostheses along with cementless versions.

An important focus for us are surgical instruments. During past years less invasive interventions are much talked of but at the same time very often principles of delicate and atraumatic soft tissue handling are neglected. To a certain extent it happens as consequence of using ineffective general surgical and trauma instruments that very often are characterized by intolerable physical wear.

We offer the widest range of high quality and functional instruments, many of those are unique. Our instruments in hands of professionals help to make a surgery elegant, less traumatic, less labor and time consuming.            

Taking into consideration increasing use of biomaterials (the most rapidly growing segment in trauma and orthopaedic surgery, spine surgery and maxillofacial surgery) we included the most advanced solutions in our product portfolio. We see promising future for biomaterials and intend to dedicate close attention to this segment.

Integral right of a consumer is to purchase and use only the appealing products, in the same way it’s the integral right of a seller to actively promote only those products they believe in. Portfolio management is the criteria of seller’s competence where balance between market preferences (trends) and clinical adequacy is important. We believe that a responsibility of a good seller is not only to show sunny side of products but also to highlight non-evident features (technical pitfalls and compromises related to certain advantages).